Among other business activities, IntaBuild engages in the following:
• Real estate development and management
• Construction and Civil Engineering
• Transport and logistical support programs
• Hire of construction equipment
• Building and civil engineering project management
• Renovations and repairs
• Landscaping, Environmental management and Sanitation services
• Architectural and structural design work

IntaBuild boasts of adequate technical capability of delivering any size of engineering and constructions works powered by the wide experience obtained from various projects undertaken by the company in East Africa. The company directors and the entire technical and support staff have extensive experience in both individual and collective business operations. This has been the strength behind the company’s ability to drive its projects through teamwork with the clients to develop and effectively deliver innovatively designed real estate projects to the satisfaction of the clients.
IntaBuild has attracted the best in class associate consultants with a wealth of experience and outstanding educational background to execute its projects. IntaBuild’s clients enjoy the benefit of a rapidly growing organization that is committed to delivering results throughout the East Africa region.